and had a really really really good time.

I'm leaving for school in about three weeks and im trying to live life the fullest. So Bianca and I got her in car and drove around just being typical teenagers and stopped at random places that you always want to go to but always say "next time ill stop there". We first stopped at Alberstons and bought floaties for 2.00 (that we didn't end up using) and headed to Rattlesnake Lake to hike and swim.

Somehow we found ourselves at the laundromat on the way to Rattlesnake:

After snapping a couple dozen of photos at the laundromat, we headed to Rattlesnake and did our routine 1.9 mile hike to the top of the ridge. Random side note: we kind of have a theme song right now by Macklemore so we were singing that pretty much all day.

At the bottom of the hike on the lake there's a big boulder you can jump off of, so naturally Bianca and I had to take pictures:
What's that pose im doing? I'll never know. But we tried retaking my jump multiple times and every time it came out like this....

"and we danced, and we cried, and we laughed, and had a really really really good time".


  1. so cute!(:

  2. Just found your blog & I love it. This day sounds so much fun <3!!

  3. ha, love it! but seriously, how DID you jump like that?

  4. That picture of B just sitting there looking off is perfect. Wow that view!



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