idaho in an instant.

This week was oh so lovely. On wednesday morning my two best friends (Bianca and Kenzie) and I drove up to Kenzie's lake house in Sandpoint, Idaho. This week's agenda: lay on the dock all day, tan, and read my required 800 page Michelangelo book before school starts.

Honestly I was having so much fun this week that I only snapped 6 photos with my Instax camera:
The view from Kenzies house. Pretty freaking amazing, right?

Classic "jumping off the dock" photo.

... and then of course we all had to take a picture of us jumping.

We passed by a rest stop on the way home from Idaho and I had to take a picture in these fields; because this is probably what it'll look like in Rexburg where I'm going to school.

Random sleeping man in his car at the rest stop. I was just thinking "why not take a picture of a man sleeping in his car"...

Pretty dark photo of us driving back, because the sun was glaring in our windows for a few hours.

It feels awesome to be home, but I actually really miss that place of Mackenzie's and coming home is making school that much closer. And I'm trying really hard to not let it consume my thoughts... because I really have no idea what to make out of these changes. Anyways, this is what I'm wearing today:

My new favorite cardigan and dress. I'm really into leopard print right now, and I like this sweater a bunch because I thrifted it for 4.99. And this dress: originally 200.00 but I bought it on sale for 49.99 from Free People. Practically a steal if I say so myself!

Agenda for the rest of the day: catch up on the Bachelor Pad with my sister in law, Tanya, and maybe continue reading my book that I need to finish before school starts.

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  1. You seriously go to the most beautiful places!! I hate that I'm in FL when there is just so much out there!!! But I love coming by and seeing your photos!!

    Dont forget to pass by my blog, and enter to win a coach wristlet!!

  2. girlie, that dress is SO COOL. when are you leaving for school? we need to hang out at least a few more times before you go.

  3. aw, can't wait to see the rands' place someday. looks beautiful! you will love byu idaho!!

  4. I wish someday to go to the rand's cabin :) so paige posted these yarn wrapped letters in a post not too long ago that were in a store window. Do you think you could make me a yarn wrapped "P" ? When do u leave?

  5. I haven't been watching the Bachelor Pad - is it work a couple marks in my book? :) :) :)

    You look like a flamenco dancer! Did malm tell you that already?

    Speaking of scanning instax photos - will you pretty please scan the rest of the snorkeling pics so I can post them on my blog? :) LYLAS!

  6. that dress is so awesome! i love it. and sandpoint looks amazing. i was actually there last summer for 24 hours.. my sister and i stopped there while we were on a road trip in the northwest :) unfortunately, the weather was pretty gloomy that day so we couldn't see the gorgeous views. we went into some cute shops though and the people were super friendly!

  7. I love the spinning and jumping photos! How great is the movement of that dress and your friend does have a sick view! And 800 are one busy gal!



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