weekend in lake wenatchee.

This weekend has been amazing/fun/kind of traumatic. On Friday Bianca and I drove to Lake Wenatchee (about 2 hours away) to stay at my cabin for the weekend and get away from the overcast here in Redmond.

Right when we got there we headed up to the top of our property and snapped a few photos and looked at the view of the lake that never gets old:
So get this. Bianca and I have this fear of cougars right? When we were at the top we heard this super loud rustling in the trees below the cliffs we were on and we were positive it was a cougar. We both looked at each other, and honestly I thought that this was it. We're going to get attacked. We were both frozen and trying to figure out what we should do, but then we heard a clicking noise.... it was Gypsy (my dog). No idea how she found her way to the top, but she escaped my cabin and scurried to the top. So glad it was just my little pup.

We woke up at four in the morning to watch the Perseid meteor shower in the middle of the highway. The moon was full and really bright, so unfortunately I didn't see any. Bianca saw a few though.

I the morning we floated the wenatchee river about 10 miles away from my cabin. It all started super relaxing and I was snapping photos left and right with my new underwater digital camera, Pixie. We were both saying how it might not be a good idea to be facing backwards when randomly there were these super fast rapids and we crashed into a tree and our little boat flipped over (and this is about 2 minutes after we decided to take off our life jackets because they're "dorky"). We were separated, everything was everywhere (bags of cherries, our shoes, our water bottles), and my camera disappeared. We were both pretty disoriented and I got pinned in between the boat and a log and I thought "this is it" again. But we both pulled through. I'm just freaking bummed I lost my brand smacking new camera with all of these photos I was really excited to see. Cameras a replaceable but photos aren't you know? I'm just bummed. And sorry for the super dramatic re-tell.

On our way home, we went on this hike called Evergreen point (on Evergreen mountain). So freaking gorgeous. Bianca and I mutually agreed we felt like we were in the Alps.

Is there any other state that's prettier than Washington? haha I doubt it. I'm a Washingtonian and way too proud of it.

Note to self: That was the last time I'll being going to my cabin before I go to school. Which means I probably won't see Lake Wenatchee for a few months. For sure this time was my favorite time coming here (even though I lost Pixie). And I think I might be the luckiest girl to live on the most beautiful place on Earth!


  1. these pictures are amazing! and you are too perfect! p.s. i'm writing you this as we sit right next to each other watching "the hills". LOVE it! ha

  2. gorg photos! looks like so much fun!!

  3. Wow looks like so much fun! The landscape looks stunning!


  4. So pretty! I always get that "I live in the most beautiful place on earth, I am so lucky" feeling when I get back from traveling somewhere different. No matter how cool the place I go is, I come home and am just amazed at how gorgeous it is here.

    And yeah, we should go shopping again! This time we can spend longer 'cause you won't have to go to work after. But I'm heading to E.WA on my days off, so it will have to wait until the weekend or following week. Let's remember to take pictures this time, ok?

  5. Wow, wow, wow. What an amazing place! I've never been to America, but I would love to and get out and see all the beautiful sights like this!

    -Laura xox

  6. WOW these pictures are AMAZING! So sorry about your camera... hope it wasn't too expensive!

  7. Whoa! Good thing it wasn't a cougar.

    That place looks amazing by the way.

  8. omg this place is amazing!! Your so lucky you get to visit when ever you want. I'm in florida, which means no mountains what so ever! were completely FLAT over here, how boring!

    Such a cute blog, Follow each other? <3

    Lots of Love,

  9. Thanks for not mentioning my complete and utter breakdown when I couldn't find Gypsy. I'm sure glad she found the two of you way at the top of the property. Sorry she scared you, though.

  10. It is just so beautiful there! I would love to camp if my surroundings looked like that!



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