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A couple weeks ago it was my best friend's birthday. And I just gave her her birthday present yesterday... but I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. We're both going to different schools, 800 miles away from each other (not to be exact or anything), and I'm really bummed. It's already kind of hard thinking about going to a school where I don't know any girls, let alone without my best friend.

I wanted to make her a couple things for her dorm/apartment/house for college:

I bought this cardboard/kraft "B" initial and covered it with paper and sealed it with decoupage. I left the sides and back bare because I like the natural kraft color and look.

The "B" rapped up in newspaper in a box with a handmade card on top. This paper totally reminded me of her.

My favorite part! A couple of years ago I bought tiny tiny alpha noodles and took this picture on my counter. I really wanted to print a large poster-size, but I could never figure it out; and Bianca wanted one too. But Costco just came out with this new program where you can send them a picture and they'll convert it onto a canvas. So I ordered a nice sized canvas for her... and now I really want one!

All wrapped up. With American Crafts wrapping paper and ribbon. I have a lot of fun with wrapping paper. Too much fun maybe. I think Bianca loved her prezzies!

And just 'cause yesterday I was having fun trying on clothes with my new/vintage petticoat-tutu skirt:
Typical blogging pose. whatever. This petticoat: $36.00. It was practically a steal and it's so fluffy and soft and I feel so girly and I also feel like im playing dress-up when I wear it. Oh, and cowboy boots will be required whenever I wear this skirt.

Not sure if you're reading this, but Bianca: SERIOUSLY Sri. You're amazing. It's crazy how only a few (maybe five) years ago we were in the 7th grade coming from different schools, with different friends, but we just "clicked". We're both weird, silly, adventurous, slightly creepy, and appreciate the same type of music. We both like hiking and all these other outdoor things, but were really into shopping too... and I think that's awesome. It's kind of crazy that we've never spent more than a couple weeks apart from each other, but maybe being so far away for a couple of months can be a good thing? I'm not sure how, but we'll figure it out. Aaaand this is officially starting to sound creepy haha sorry. But we're still going to call each other on the first day of school and talk about all the cute boys that we were too shy to talk to and we'll definitely have to share crazy roommate stories. Anyways, thanks for being my best friend forever and ever and ever.

Note to self: haha so that's that. Less than a month until I leave for school. Let's make these few weeks the best! Camping? Hiking? Shopping with the money that we don't have? Yes please.


  1. girl that petticoat looks SO GOOD. holy crap. I'm so glad you bought it. please always wear it with cowboy boots, ok? you seriously look amazing.

  2. I've loved watching you and Bianca grow up together. What a fun and wonderful friendship you've had.

  3. I love you. You dress waaaaay too cute!

  4. You're the sweetest friend ever!

    And that outfit is sooo cute. Can I have it all?

  5. i remember this outfit well. it was unbelievable! you rocked it girl!

  6. Fun gifts! Love that you put in all the work and that makes them even more special! And I'm sure you will have the friendship where you can be apart for a while then come together and it seems like you were just together yesterday.



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