im a mac.

A very active day. I woke up and went climbing at Vertical World and was super rusty because for some reason I pay 40.00 a month and don't even go... and because I was rusty I only lasted an hour there. Sigh.

After climbing I went on a hike at Rattlesnake Ridge with my friends that I'm going to school with in a few weeks. So excited! These guys are awesome.

squinty eyes. That's Carlin and Dylan behind me. haha hey wait what's that guy in the black t-shirt doing back there anyways? I just noticed that and I laughed out loud.

When I came home my new laptop was waiting for me! After I made my brother download all the good stuff I took her outside and explored the features and everything. She doesn't have a name yet.
Yup. Sporting my high waisted jeans, wolf t-shirt passed down from probably 3 people, and hipster glasses.

And then movie night at Marymoor. Toy Story 3 was playing. And this time, Sri and I brought sleeping bags because last time we were pretty cold by the end of the movie. Definitely bringing my bag every Wednesday.


  1. ali you are so darling! i am so excited for you to begin all of your wilderness adventures soon!

  2. I love that picture of you in the glasses and your laptop. You should be a model :)

  3. Toy Story 3 is so good! You look so cute in your high waisted jeans. I love your mac! I remember when I downloaded all my software from campus for was I so scared of breaking my MacBook Pro (who's name is Alex btw).



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