hello michelangelo, goodbye summer.

Definitely wasn't expecting homework assignments before school even starts, but somehow I'm stuck reading 800 pages of The Agony and the Ecstasy, a biography about Michelangelo, by September 10th....

I went to Seattle today with my mom and bought a few warm sweaters and a couple of pairs of sailor pants for school, and when I got home all I wanted to do was relax. haha I guess that means a good day of shopping? I watched a little bit of tv but then realized I should probably spend my time reading this book. And because it was pretty nice out, I decided to read outside.

I thrifted that fantastic yellow floral sheet last week for 4.99. Value Village never lets me down. Ever. Next time I go to the beach, this sheet is coming with me!

Note to self: on page 467 of 776. you can do it allison!


  1. loving the lipstick of course! your gorgeous. love the outfit. and i think you should do a note to self at the bottom of every page! it will be your new catch phrase, lol

  2. You look sooooo pretty in that last picture! You look pretty in every picture! You can pull off every outfit known to man.

  3. you can totally do it! :) there's something about having to read for school that always made it harder for me. i've actually reread most of the books that were required and enjoyed them much more the 2nd time around- so silly haha

  4. You got it and I'm sure he is interesting enough for the book to not suck. I once had to read a book about Stalinist Russia and the gulag system and etc... And it was a great book but so packed with information I could read it over and over again and find new information. College is crazy but I love it!



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