that girl on fire.

bonfire last night! Well, more like a mini fire pit but I had a lot of fun seeing friends that came back from school for the summer. Before going to the fire, Anna and I went to Value Village (it's basically our default hang out place) and came out of the store with a bag full of random crap that I don't need but love.

I bought:
-a miniature brass deer (because it will look pretty cute on a shelf in my apartment) 4.99
-an embroidered butterfly with a wood frame (because it's 70's and I couldn't resist) 4.99
-2 boxes of vintage ornaments (...probably won't use them because I just love the way they look in their old box) 0.99 each

But anyways. Ever heard of cracking a glowstick into a jar? It looks awesome and it's super easy. And that's exactly what Anna and I did:
(Don't mind my overexposed photos.... I couldn't figure out how to change the settings, but it turned out sweet)

This morning I woke up smelling like smoke but decided against showering, in case you wanted to know. Today is going to be awesome because I'm going to:
-rock climb with an awesome friend at Vertical World
-hike with a couple close friends at Rattlesnake
-make my mom wait home all day for my laptop to arrive... thanks mom!
-watch an outdoor movie at Marymoor with Sri

Hope youuuu have an amazing day!


  1. SO much fun! You have great friends doll and I jumped for joy when my Mac came (years ago)!!



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