and the fun begins.

A few months ago my parents bought a quaint little home in an old mining town called Wallace, Idaho. It's exactly half way between my school and home in Seattle... which will be perfect to stay with friends on the way home and to school. Mostly, my dad likes fixing up old places. We've been staying here a couple of days before heading to school, and it's been a really nice get-away to "collect" myself before school... whatever that means.

Our lovely little home.

I've been making myself shakes with reeses... everyday.

Oh, and stuffing my face with cotton candy.

The most wonderful diamond ring ever. My dream ring I think. It's vintage I believe and I've been eyeing it everyday at this market that's been going on over the weekend. I'm already looking at diamond rings... clearly I'm a BYU student. HAH!

Riding my bike around this little town is so relaxing. I really love towns like this where everyone knows everyone and the houses are from the early 1900's.

My roooom.

You know, just taking pictures in a cemetery. hehe.

This evening we finally got to Rexburg. I LOVE IT. I'm staying in a hotel tonight because I can't check into my apartment until tomorrow... and then Saturday I'm heading off into the wilderness for my outdoor program (which I'll explain more when I'm there because I'm not so sure what it's all like either!). I don't know how much or when I'll blog but I'll keep you updated I promise.

note to self: and the fun begins. It's finally here. I can't even describe my emotions right now! This year. is. going. to. be. amazing.


  1. So much to love about this post! That shake looks delicious. That ring is beautiful. The pictures of you are gorgeous. Sigh. You're living the life! The day before I left to go to college I went to Lollapalooza with Bri at the White River Amphitheater. It was epic. Have a fun semester!!

  2. all of these pictures are perfection! i can't wait to come and visit this small little town. and that cemetery is beautiful. scary, but beautiful. and i'm just saying..that ring is pretty much just perfect for you. i'm sure it will look JUST like that! just saying....

  3. ummm.. your parents are amazing. i love that they bought a little house to fix up in wallace! I hope to visit it someday just like someday I want to visit there house in Lake Wenatchee! Good luck girl! And I can't wait to hear more about college life!

  4. So exciting and these photos are so warm much like the small town i'm sure. I think part of me would enjoy a small town but I think my mind is too big for it to satisfy me for long. I think I would probably enjoy it as a vacation destination though. Leave it to me to prefer a small town as a getaway over Hawaii and Florida! haha!



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