badger creek.

I made it to Rexburg, Idaho! And right when I started feeling comfortable and getting my surroundings around campus, it was time to leave to head to the wilderness with 30 other people. I'll be in an area called Badger Creek for 6 weeks. It's at the base of the Teton mountains and its gorgeous. Not as green as Washington, but the endless fields and rolling plains are kind of amazing.

But first, this is the temple that's right by my apartment:
This place takes my breath every time I see it. Ima get married there someday! haha.

The D.I. in Rexburg is awesome. My friends and I from Seattle went there and came home with this:
That green couch and floral ottoman. Total: 12$.00. SO tacky that they're almost cool. It definitely adds a nice touch to the apartment.

And this is badger creek. My home for the next six weeks. The girls are staying on the second floor of this building. Its a basically two long rooms that are filled with bunk beds. On the first floor we all eat, hang out, and do homework.

Our bunk beds. I've managed to wake up and hit my head on the ceiling almost every morning.

There's about six or seven of these little cabins that the boys sleep in. They're kind of far away from the main lodge where we are at, but I almost wish I was sleeping in one of these because they're more "rustic".

To get to class every morning we have to go on a miniature hike and cross this bridge.

This is where class is. One giant room, one class a day.

Class gets out at around 12; which means we have the rest of the day to explore. So we basically slackline and hike around and make campfires at night and tell scary stories.

We live in the middle of nowhere. And I'm totally okay with it. I actually love. love. it.

note to self: I've been here for almost a week and I feel like I've known these boys and girls for years. They're just so fun. And this place here is oh so beautiful and maybe I think the Lord created it just for me to explore and enjoy. Sigh. I'm becoming more spiritual here. And I think it's a very good thing for me right now.


  1. ahh, LOVE this post! you are having so so so much fun and i can tell. the place looks beautiful and just up your ally! that ceiling by your bed reminds me of your cabin. you should be used to waking up to that, lol. can't wait to see MORE!!!!!!

  2. I'm so glad you have a blog so I can see what you're up to and live vicariously through you! You must be in your element. Live it up!

  3. i'm so jealous of you right now:) looks like you are having a blast!

  4. You are too darling for words!! I am sooo happy for you!!!!!

  5. First off that is a cool class/program! I wish my college had one! And nature always makes me feel more spiritual. I think it is the magnitude and complexity and beauty of it all.



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