backpacking through china.

We did it! We taught English for five months and now we're on the backpacking trip of our dreams. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't counting down the days of teaching for this adventure. Although... I really miss China and we haven't even left yet (sniff, sniff). Tate's parents are coming to China today and we'll travel with them for 9 days and then backpacking on our own for a while. Tate convinced me to illustrate and map of China and label our destinations, and I'm happy I caved!

Here's what our trip will look like:

(with Tate's parents):
Suzhou to Shanghai to Xian to Lhasa, Tibet to Beijing to
(on our own):
Yangshuo to Beihai to Weizhou Island to Shanghai to America

We're SUPER excited about this trip and we'll be posting pictures on Instagram daily. Follow us with the hashtag #LitchfieldsOutdoors. 


  1. ahh this sounds amazing, i can't wait to follow along on the adventure!

  2. Just looked up the Weizhou Island!! So jealous!! Take lots of pictures and hurry home already!

  3. That's amazing! i love following your travel adventures. Some lovely photos and stories x


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