last day in suzhou.

Day one: Suzhou, China
Tate's parents made it to China! Their flight was delayed 5 hours and almost they almost had to spend the night in Tokyo, but they arrived safely. The next morning we had our last day of classes (wahh!) and then spent the rest of the day exploring Suzhou with our scooters:
^^oldest city bridge in Suzhou^^
^^We went to a plant/animal market and saw some amazing orchids. This photo isn't edited that's how bright they are!^^
^^We rode the scooters to a famous canal street called Pingjiang Lu.^^
^^The Old City wall in Suzhou^^
This morning we woke up at went to a pearl factory, silk factory, and then Tiger Hill. We went to Tiger Hill back in March and really wanted to bring Tate's parents here. This time it was much more hot an humid, but still really pretty.
We spent the rest of the evening scootering around town on our beloved scooter and eating dumplings and fried rice for dinner. We're leaving tomorrow for Shanghai and the rest of our trip but it doesn't feel real that we won't be coming back to Suzhou; this has been our home for the last six months and I really really love it here. Bye Suzhou! 


  1. Omg, looks like the most amazing adventure!


  2. I love the picture of the Old City Wall! It looks so pretty!

  3. Okay, can we just take a second and look at that last photo and your HAIR!!!!!


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