wallace, idaho.

I love Wallace, Idaho. My parents have a place there and every Fourth of July we go up there for family fun:
^^The backyard makes my heart melt.^^
^^One of my favorite structures in Wallace: the Stardust Motel and spaceship on the left.^^
 ^^I've always wanted to take floaties to Upper Glidden Lake, so this year we made sure to go. We hiked about a mile to the lake and there was no one there (I love when that happens!). We swam, made lunch, fished, and took a ton of pictures.^^
 ^^My mom's 'big holiday' is the Fourth of July so she always decks out the place with cute decorations. (see previous years here and here).^^
 ^^Rooftop pool with the best views.^^
 ^^My dad took us on old mining/logging trails through the mountains on ATVs (you can see trails on the left of Tate). Oh how I miss the trees and cool weather!^^
Our stay in Wallace was only a few days, but we were out and about the entire time. Next Summer we want to take off a few weeks and stay there to work/relax/play. Idaho, you have our hearts!


  1. Your weekend looks like it was so much fun! My husband and I need to find a lake here in Minnesota to take tubes out on and float around!

  2. Aw, I remember your last July 4th post! Seriously, those houses are so cute.

  3. Been enjoying reading through your blog and catching up! So much fun- love all the adventures.. :) many blessings! love these pics!

  4. wallace looks so fun! I love all the pine trees! i might have to visit there someday.


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