top of the rock.

Before leaving for New York, I booked tickets to the top of the Rockefeller building. Seeing a grand view seemed really excited to me, and NYC didn't disappoint!
 ^^View of Central Park^^
^^Empire State Building^^

Once you make it to the top you can walk around the entire rooftop so there's a perfect 360° view of the city. I loved seeing the Empire State Building and Central Park in the distance.

I know I've said this before but it seems like once I come back from an amazing vacation, I'm only itching for more adventures. Next week we're heading to Wallace, Idaho to my parents cabin where we'll ride bikes in town and fit on our rooftop enjoying the sun (check out our previous 4th of Julys in this tiny town here and here). Stay tuned for more pictures!


  1. top of the rock beats top of the empire any day. i mean, wouldn't you rather LOOK at the empire state!?!

  2. Heading up to Top of the Rock was definitely my favourite part of my trip to NYC last year. Nothing will beat that view! Xx

  3. Amazing! I've never been to New York but it really is the one and only skyline x


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