Dover, England.

^^White Cliffs of Dover, England^^
^^Dover Castle^^
^^View of the city from the top tower on castle grounds.^^
^^Yup, this really happened.^^
London Day Four: Tate's mom and I took a one hour train ride to Dover, England to see the famous White Cliffs. We walked right along the edge of the cliff along a public trail for about a mile. I've never seen anything this beautiful on a coast before! The water was super blue and the cliffs were huge. After walking around the cliffs we took a taxi to Dover Castle (which is on the highest point of the mountain). This castle was built almost 1,000 years ago and served as a defense ground during WWII. Tomorrow is our last day in London so we're going to pack it all in as much as possible!

Next stop: Stonehenge and Bathe, England.


  1. Gorgeous. Love the last shot too!!

  2. This looks amazing!


  3. Ever picture you post is my new favorite. But the Harry Potter one is my all time favorite of your entire life.

  4. I adore that you took that Harry Potter photo.I totally would have done the same thing.


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