prague, czech republic day one.

Prague, Czech Republic Day One: We made it! After hours and hours of adjusting our flights due to cancellations we made it to Prague! I'm here with my Litchfield girls. We explored Old Town Prague today - somehow we lucked out on amazing weather (it was supposed to rain the entire week) and it's been gorgeous so far. 
^^The main square is decked out for Easter and I love it. There are markets on every block selling amazing food, painted easter eggs, and flowers.^^
^^This was just before the market opened, but it's so festive how every vendor puts flowers above their 'kiosk'.^^
^^The famous astronomical clock tower behind us was under construction and we were super disappointed that we wouldn't be able to climb to the top (this was my favorite thing we did last time in Prague). So instead, we had drinks on a rooftop restaurant and the views did not disappoint! We were sipping cucumber lemonade when we realized that people were indeed at the top of the tower so we finished our drinks then bought tickets to climb to the top. I feel like we got the best of both worlds since we got a view with the clock tower in the back too.^^
^^Another view from the rooftop restaurant. We could see all of the Easter markets too.^^
^^Base of the astronomical clock tower.^^
^^Sigh. I love this view.^^
Our feet we pretty pooped at this point so we took a city tour on an old classic vehicle for about an hour and he showed us some of the famous spots in Prague:
^^One of the stops was the John Lennon wall - this was on our bucket list so we were excited when we unexpectedly drove past it during the driving tour. It's as cool as I thought it'd be!^^

Tomorrow we're driving up to Boleslawiec, Poland to shop for pottery and spending one night there (then coming back to Prague for the rest of the week). Dang it guys, Europe has officially stolen my heart!

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