Boleslawiec, Poland.

Boleslawiec, Poland: We rented a car this morning and made a quick drive (well, like, 4 hours of confusing navigation) up to our favorite place in Poland - the pottery town! Tate's mom and grandma have always had a passion for Polish pottery and I didn't really know it was a 'thing' until we got married. Fast forward 4 years of marriage and now I'm obsessed with pottery too:
^^Evidence of the damage we've done.^^

We hit up all of the same shops from when I was here in Poland with my sister 2 years ago and the pottery was just as amazing as I remembered! I scored a few new platters and plates for our kitchen and the rest of the girls stocked up too.

We're heading back down to Prague tomorrow and hitting up Kutna Hora on the way. 

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