seattle, washington.

We flew to Seattle for a few days to see family and before I'm no longer 'allowed' to fly:
^^Tate hadn't been to the Kirkland waterfront before and the weather was super nice so I wanted to show him. We went to Google for lunch to visit my dad and take a 'tour' of the Google campus in Kirkland.^^
^^On Friday we took the bus from Redmond to Seattle and ate at our favorite cheese shop, bought flowers, and took an obligatory photo in front of the gum wall. GROSS, but fun.^^
^^Pikes Place Market was filled with tulips.^^
^^My mom and sister in law threw me a gorgeous baby shower on Saturday morning. We ate cinnamon rolls, Top Pot donuts, and fruit salad. The decorations were so pretty!^^
^^Like I mentioned above, the weather in Washington was super nice when we were there. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday afternoon in the backyard just enjoying the sun. The one thing I really miss about Seattle is the good weather - when it's sunny out it's so nice to sit outside and relax (whereas in Vegas when it's sunny out it's just too hot to relax outside).^^
I almost forgot how green Washington is! I'm not sure when we'll make it back to Seattle, but baby girl will definitely be joining us next time. We had such a fun time in Redmond and I'm already itching to go back.

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