Sundance, Utah.

We LOVE going to my great grandparents cabin in Sundance, Utah (see our trip from last summer here) so when the opportunity arose to relax up there for the weekend we couldn't say no. We packed our bags and drove six hours to one of my favorite places on Earth:
The baby is due in five weeks (what?!) so my sister in law snapped a few photos of us behind the cabin. This is one of my favorite 'hikes' to Stewart Falls - the green fields are something else! We didn't actually hike to the falls while I was wearing this dress, just took pictures in the field then went back to the cabin:
^^On Saturday morning we hiked up to Stewart Falls - the falls and river are roaring right now, and I've never gotten so wet from the falls before! Normally there is much less water, but it did feel nice cooling off from the mist.^^

Tate and I love to travel - but there is something about Sundance that makes it one of my favorite places on Earth. I have so many memories coming up here as a child and there's nothing like 'unplugging' for the weekend, grilling every meal on the porch, and eating/reading along the river. I finished an entire book over the weekend and didn't check social media once! I can't wait to bring baby girl up here next time.

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