year in review.

It's been a year! 365 days of awesome. Marrying Tate has been the best thing that has ever happened to me and I still get the heart flutters when he wakes me up with kisses in the morning. This first year has been a blast; we've been to four states, three different countries, two national parks, and one huge crazy adventure.

So. I thought I'd do a recap of what our first year together has looked like:
In April we got married (!!) and went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for our honeymoon. Ah, that vacation was so fun. 
In May we bought a Poler tent and camped at Bear Lake, UT. It was cold and stormy and rainy but we managed to have a really great time!
By June we had that camping thing down and went again to a random forest in the canyon. Keeping the vibes real! 
In July Tate graduated college! We also celebrated his birthday, and went to Wallace ID for the fourth of july.
In August we went to Moab, Utah for family vacation and visited Arches National Park and Canyonlands. When we got home, I convinced Tate to get us a cat. Our cat Mesa added so much love to our place! 
In September Tate and I finished our coffee table (with the help of my dad) and did an apartment tour. We loved our little place in Idaho!
In October we took the weekend off and went to Yellowstone National Park once last time before we moved. We were about the only ones there and it was totally awesome.
In November we found out we were accepted to teach English in China for six months. We didn't know where/when/how yet, but were overjoyed with the news! 
In December I graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design! The next day we moved out of our apartment to Las Vegas, and flew to Canada with Tate's family for Christmas. Ice climbing and going to Lake Louise was the highlight of our trip!
In January we flew to Washington for a week to see my side of the family. Spending the weekend at my parents cabin was sooo relaxing.
In February we made the big move to China! We went to the Great Wall in Beijing, moved to Suzhou, and escaped to Shanghai for the weekend to see the markets and the Bund.
March was really, really busy. We hiked two sacred mountains, went to a flower festival, took the train to Shanghai for the weekend, had friends visit our city, and explored Suzhou.

And now it's april! What an awesome year. Needless to say Tate and I both agree that our "honeymoon phase" it's going to last many years to come. Can't wait to see what year two brings! 


  1. wow! what an adventure the first year has been! happy anniversary!

  2. Amazing recap!! And they said it wouldn't last :)

  3. This post is beautiful and so are the pictures especially! What camera is it that you have used for most of them? x


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